TK11 Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron

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TK11 Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron

The Final Type in the Tv Series of Kamen Rider Drive, The form which Drive Combine with all his Shift car and His Tridoron Car


Contents, The main figure and 2 tires


It retain the Tire change Gimmick and the eyes can switch to Mr belt one


The left side of the body without the Tire.

The left arm only connected with single ball joint to it (a saddle joint ?) on his shoulder  so it have very limited movement other than spreading arms, basically  it can’t go up and backward (e.g: making punching pose )


Default Tire


Type Tridoron


The Wheels on leg can spin thought They barely touch the ground, but still this make the figure balance in standing isn’t great


and the gimmick of the head is you rotate the small wheels(right or left one) and it will rotate the yellow visor


thus revealing Mr Belt’s Dual high beam which appear when Mr Belt take over the Body of Drive type Tridoron



The extra Tire included is the Tire Blending of People Saver Combination of Hunter,Mad Doctor and Braver  (in easy explanation the combination of Ambulance, Police and Firefighter)

2 years ago I would guess the Attack 1-2-3 and the Kouji Genbar combo will be a P-bandai one like the Type Formula Tire exchange one but as today they never released I guess these toys not as successful as what Bandai .. but Still the Tire exchange gimmick seems to Sacrifice the Left arms articulation Like I mention earlier in the post DX


The People saver Is clear parts



Let’s not forgot the Usual Flying Kick pose


and Last The Kamen Rider Team of Special Investigation Unit








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  1. So this is how the recent Kamen Rider look like… the last Kamen Rider that I followed was Wizard and none since then…. as for the toy, I think this is quite cool and certainly have more “fun factor” that the typical SH Figuarts.

    • Actually this rider from 2014-2015 season,2 series after wizard.
      well the figuarts is premium-bandai that just recently released, it got shitload of accessories but for like 4 times the price i paid for this guy, NO thank you XD

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