Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : Emperor of Darkness

March 18, 2017 at 6:43 am | Posted in Trading Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 4 Comments
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Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck Or rather Monarch Deck, Tribute summon one and the Eff works XD

I got this last year ^^ very late to show ahahaha

The contents: main deck, rulebook and the Tips guide/playmat

the Gameplay for monarch is simple you special summon one weaker monster and tribute it for the monarch monster to unleash it’s power, most effects are easier to understand and not too complicated unlike most newer yugioh cards ^^

The Monarch Playmat..

well pretty soon new playmat will be introduced to accommodate the newer rules

The foils cards

The Ace Monsters of this structure deck the heavenly and the underworld monarchs

it’s great that you get all 6 monarchs

except their mega monarch counterpart of course

Monsters mostly have quick Special summoning eff



Most of the monarch spells and traps included in this deck







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  1. On what cards are you building your own deck? I am not into YGO myself but most of my friends are into it. I “liked” Konami (stoped after what they did to Busou Shinki) and played Pokemon TCG and Magic the Gathering, but I still don’t get the YGO

    • My favorite deck is Red-eyes one ahaha 🙂 ,I got like 12 different YGO decks https://www.flickr.com/photos/insidemytoybox/32613836113/ only 4 that I build from scratch the rest just improved from structure or starter.. While waiting for the newer generation LINK, I guess I would improve the Blue-eyes one next, I collect decks that I like the game play not much looping or insane competitive decks. I can play Pokemon, slightly understand the Magic the Gathering but I don’t have many of them ^^

  2. It’s quite funny that the title of the deck is Emperor of Darkness, but the main cards are Light and Dark 😛 maybe because the Light is an Empress XD

    I actually quite like Emperor deck since the start of treebone emperor era even though I don’t get to play it as the Emperor cards was quite scattered across sets before the Caius Deck was released.

    But I was quite disappointed when that one character from Arc-V(The one that use the Abyss Actor) only used the Emperor cards for like 1 episode, which I was quite hype when one of the side cast used it. But there is still hope I guess that there maybe some support in COTD since Lightlord did get some in it.

    • Well In OCG they named it, Advent of the True Monarch which more make sense lol since every attribute have monarch counterpart too XD
      the guy who use abyss actor use 4 different decks through the series ahaha for non main character still more make sense than yuri’s “Honor Student Deck” LOL 😛 I guess we can assume they use them as advertisement for the Decks/cards sales 😀 I guess it’s much more well accepted by younger players if the cards appear in the anime.

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