Gundam DASH#04 Zudah and Barbatos

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So another Gundam DASH#04 😀 This time 2 of them

Here we Got EMS-10 Zudah and ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos

The parts

let’s start from Zudah, there are 3 variants of Zudah in the line up, and I got the Commander type.

It gave you the rifle, the other variants gave you zaku’s machine gun or the heat hawk and RPG/Sturm Faust

and Here Zudah, with rotating the black part of the head, you can make the eye turn right/left or even in the middle

with Gasshia

Barbatos released 3 times in the DASH series This one armed with katana the other variants from #06 gave you the mace and another in SP which is another Katana wielding Barbatos but come in metallic color, as for Barbatos lupus it appear in Gundam Forte

This Barbatos is cute right 😛


Back View

all of my unit from DASH #04

Size Comparison with HG 1/144,SD Gundam Custom, and SD Gundam Impact



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  1. I got Kimaris drom this toy line series (or there is simmilar one?)

  2. The Zudah and Gaissha is gorgeous but Zudah is certainly my favorite of them 3. Any round headed Zeon MS in such short size is cute. As for Barbatos, I don’t really fancy any Gundams in such deformed looks, just personal taste, I knew many people love them.

    • Yeah I really Like The Zudah too
      I Start know Gundam toys from the SD kits so yeah, I guess that how I start liking them

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