SO-DO Kamen Rider Ex-Aid STAGE 02&03 : Kamen Rider Lazer

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Candy Toy version of Kamen Rider LAZER from SO-DO Ex-Aid Series :

Lazer Bike gamer lv 1 and lv 2 from STAGE 02, and Chanbara Gamer from STAGE 03

装動 仮面ライダーエグゼイド STAGE2

装動 仮面ライダーエグゼイド STAGE3

Well human transform into bike is silly, but the toys have best gimmick so far, either this one or the LVUR, I hope can have that one too later.

The preview and line up from the boxes

I want GENM Next XD or maybe the Zombie one

Contents and of course candy inside 😛

Lv 1 and Lv2

To make perfect version of Lv 1, you need to take parts from Lv 2 bike form.

which are the wheels as it’s weapons

Lazer Lv 1

as I understand one for shooting and another one for punching

Bakusou Bike~ Bike Gamer lv2

to Make Perfect form of Lazer Bike gamer lv 2 you need the handle and face from lv1

*the handle Grips from lv2 set is for the rider’s hands holding it

of course the black sticker for eyes, would be more suitable for this form

I only have another candy toy Bike which my friend gave me,The ridevendor from Kamen rider OOO

and here the comparison of them

I don’t any other SO-Do riders or Ex-aid, so I use LVUR Genm to show how a rider Ride him

Quite cute mini bike this way ❤

Yes GENM kill lazer so this kinda ironic 😦 but such scene of Genm “riding” lazer shown in the Toei youtube spin off “Virtual operations lazer episode”

next move to Giri Giri Chanbara~

It’s a Samurai robot which can combine with Lazer into Kamen Rider Lazer Chanbara Bike Gamer Lv3

also included new head and the Gashacon sparrow weapon

so the Samurai robot split into skirt/belt,mask, arms and legs

Using Lv1 Face and handle also better for back details and the new head required for the mask it also it got different pegs.

So Lazer Lv 3 also comparison with LVUR Genm and Candy toy of Fourze and Knuckle

Gashacon sparrow, It’s samurai themed, but the weapons is pair of sickles

Can be combined into bow

back of the figure

I Hope can get Lazer and the Drago parts from Split of STAGE4, so I can display 3 forms at the same time XD

also the Genm Zombie maybe




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  1. He was a best RIder in this series
    Yes, he was

    • So you already start to watch this series 😀
      yeah short-lived 😦

      • Yes, I watch it since the airring of the 1st ep and now I am on ep 26
        Fine series, and even designs of suits are fine

        • I see, I also follow from the beginning,Getting really interesting from episode 5 😀
          Some dislike how they put “eyes” on their visor,thought I am fine with it

          • Those eyes on visors makes them simmilar to SD Gundams,

  2. His level 1 weapon looks kinda odd, can’t really remember if he used it in the show since it been a long time since we seen him, minus go-rider which i didn’t watch.

    His level 3 robot look kinda cute, but the standard Gold + Black colour scheme work well as expected. But his level 3 is also one of my favourite from the level 3 series, maybe because he look’s quite different.

    It’s sad that we didn’t get to see much of him, but I guess that part of his charm. Somehow I thought he would come back….. until the latest episode rekt that thought. But it’s better that way if not it’s gonna be Ghost all over again XD.

    • I just remember He used it twice, once in episode 4 against the wheel shaped bugster and episode 5 against GENM
      Yeah his Level 3 definitely great a Bike Samurai, Though I also like Snipe since it’s a jetpack :D. The robots don’t do much in the end 😦
      for The toy of lazer,I saw This candy toy is slightly Larger in lv3(and lv5) Than the other riders, While The LVUR version is too small in Lv2 Bike mode, but it’s quite as big as the others in lv3/lv5. transformation Gimmick Cost the proportions of the figure
      Blade steal his spotlight in the Go-Rider 😦 There will be Lazer Spin-off In hyper battle video, But seems Ex-aid will be still the spotlight
      Ore wa Tenkuji Takeru 😛 Died 4 times 😛

      • Hmm I didn’t notice it, maybe because I don’t particularly enjoy his character until he start investigating Ex-aid and doing things behind the scene. Snipe own episode 0 is actually quite an interesting watch, can’t wait for the next episode which RIP the first Snipe henshin.

        True I would agree, they normally sacrifice the less popular form so that the final form of the figure would look the best out of the rest.

        It’s a bit weird though that Blade is inside since he only went missing but never died.

        I swear Takeru got revived so many time that I didn’t bother whether he died or not anymore, plus how he got his ultimate form is kinda random.

        • I enjoy GENM the most XD ahaha, yeah episode 0 looks promising, too bad it would take a while for it to finish, I would guess after the series end airing for the DVDs..
          Seems you haven’t finish watch all go-rider’s episodes ^^
          Random .. Damn Right, I still hate how they make the fight against ganmeisers too many episodes waste of episodes… In the 100 eyecon movies he die again, at least it shown one of the plothole about where takeru flesh body is. All that left is Specter V-Cinema.

          • True it been awhile since we had a villain like him in a kamen rider series, sadly he is just a plot point for the second half kamen rider chronicle at the end of the day. But the idea of developing a game to slay zombie was interesting until they decided to butcher the level system and gave him level max………

            Actually I haven’t watched go-rider, but maybe sometime soon.

            I swear the ganmesier get revived as much times as takeru and only the few was used, guess the budget for recolour was quite a lot. Yea I saw the movie, it’s pretty meh but at least like you said , they show his true body. Specter V-Cinema should be good I guess since it does not circle around takeru and Nekrom does have a new form 😛

            • The New Scans lately seems ruin everything we hope for 😛 or not, we will see once they aired..
              and some of ganmeisers are materialize as weapons instead of monsters damn….
              Hope pretty soon 😀 I always like Deep Specter in action

  3. Amazing but true, in a way you still loyal to Kamen Rider series and you still like the toys from the series, nothing bad about that, in fact I’m impressed… You reminded me of being “persistent” and “consistent”. The last Kamen Rider series that I watched and bought their toys was Wizard and after that I lost interest with the series – not sure why… the Kamen Riders series is more always the same from the very beginning, they are just fantasy and full of bull shit that we love, nothing changed about it though the picture quality and computer is getting better now but I guess it’s the looks of the Riders that made me lost interest – it’s not that they are bad, maybe they cater the trend of the current younger audience and thus that more modern and stylish looks with all the gadgets…. probably I’m getting old and tend to believe that the old Riders looks better….

    • I always somehow, loyal in watching the show, but for merchandise that different story ^^,Once you grow up they become less appealing,the modern superhero trend seems to take effect on these Tv shows….
      Since I never post any Showa Series, I will post a Kamen Rider Black figure next month.

  4. I don’t know much about the series but I think you really love them right? As for the above toys, I love the yellow one with pink weapons!!!

    • actually it supposed to be dominated with black and yellow but yeah seems bandai rather mold it in pink and the rest fixed with stickers…

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