Super B-Daman JBA Proto 01 & P-58 Magazine

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Plug In System B-daman JBA proto 01 and Magazine for Pi -Bdaman System

I Read Super-B daman Manga when I was kid, the anime as I know is short lived not even half of the entire story and the B-damans are covered, Back in the Days I had Some of Super B-Daman toys, though I am pretty sure they are TThongli Bootlegs ^^

Let’s start from Proto 01, Like it’s name suggest it’s a Prototype B-daman with Pi System(plug in system).

1998 almost 20 years ago XD , and TAKARA haven’t merged with Tomy


So there are 2 configurations of this B-daman

so you can choose to attach regular hold parts or one with have extension arms to gain the power Mode.

It’s basically a Similar Concept of how modern emblem charge B-Daman

The main frame and body, it’s detachable so you can change the trigger or slide the magazine inside the frame of course all sold separately and most of super B-daman era Spare Parts are rarer than the B-Damans itself, and Personally I paid slightly more for the Magazine than this proto 01 XD Also mainly because proto one got like 3 or 4 variants I believe, so not a popular one to begin with.

I doubt the stickers stick well, so I am not putting any.

In a way it’s  classic version of emblem charge because you basically did the same thing

back look without the head cover (for ease reloading)

Test Video, 1st Shoot without holding the hold parts 2nd with holding them

I hope you guys can notice the power differences.

Comparison with battle B-Daman Zero 2 Body, Over Shell System Burning Arrow/”Red” Wyvern, and Core Change System Dracyan

Now the P-58 Magazine, it’s clear orange plastic, Maybe there are different color for this.

This magazine is designed for Plug In system

Contain 3 main parts


Yep quite tall, and not well balanced, but the marbles never jammed 😛

You can Also Configure it to be shorter(or longer if you have more of these)

Fully loaded.

The magazine itself can contain 8 marbles while the B-Daman Body will hold 2 means 10 in total






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  1. So how those vintage B-daman kits are compared in power to the new ones?
    Also recently I got 8cm MiniCD from the first B-daman (that one with characters from Bomberman)

    • Since Mostly you can hold them as strong as you can (which will eventually break or crack the B-daman at some point), I would personally say they slightly stronger than the newer one, seeing one like ‘Striker gemini’ which very powerful, thought for some,their gimmicks are useless like this for worst example, and I personally think this is the best one
      That’s Classic well these B-daman start from the Bomberman toys after all, I seen quite variants with armor or even TMNT one XD one that I have is small bomberman piloting mecha which can shoot marbles

  2. Oh a marble cannon ;D but it doesn’t auto fire with the magazine installed, does it?
    Lazy Arya forgot the cool stickers :p

    • Well Most Auto Fire that I see not that impressive They use system like gun trigger style or Gattling gun weak power,
      But i seen one modified using electronic which works great but of course such thing not looks cool as mini Robot cannon.
      The stickers already yellowing XD it’s already 18-19 years old by now ahaha

      • Oh wow so old XD I could have noticed by the look of the instruction page, but very cool design of the toy.

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