SHODO Kamen Rider VS 3 : Kamen Rider Black

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SHODO仮面ライダーVS3 Kamen Rider Black/Masked Rider Black ,in the series he also refereed as Black Sun.

in my country He’s more well knows as “Satria Baja Hitam” (indonesian dub), and without a doubt the most popular one, it’s one of the most well known kamen rider series because the wide international broadcast during 90s.Personally I am quite too young to understand back in the days, but yeah the rerun of the show years back,  make me know him better.

Looks promising, for a candy toy,  because it’s pre-painted , no stickers at all

the instruction is generic for all,I guess

it got a small stand for the spare hands which can also attached to the leg as support base

Kotaro Minami XD

The back got a hole which i believe for bandai’s stage act

But it also perfectly fit for Gunpla Base.. Raidaaa Kickooo

No small sized battle hopper, so let’s try with So-Do Lazer

Comparison with RHS ShadowMoon, Candy toy Fourze, Figuarts Kamen Rider Cyclone, GC Kamen Rider Deep Specter





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  1. Ooooh, this looks interesting. I’m gonna have to see if I can hunt down RX. Black & RX were the only Rider series that I watched with any regularity as a kid although I’ve long forgotten anything about the series itself. ^^;

    • Good Luck :D. Most people that I know, even if they no longer into these Know Black and RX ahaha XD .
      The aired Black too in US back then ? wow interesting 😀
      RX did have saban adaptation of course ^^

  2. Actually, I watched the original Japanese series from back when I used to live in Okinawa. Apparently RX was the only series to get US adaptation but I didn’t pay attention to any of that. XD

    • Ah I See, Didn’t know you used to live in Okinawa XD actually there is another one years later, Kamen Rider : Dragon Knight, I believe back in 2008

      • I remember Dragon Knight; didn’t pay attention to that either. XD And yes, I’m older than I appear to be; I get that a lot from people in RL. XD

  3. Surprisingly, this small figure have good articulation… I would like to get one this and maybe if they have other classic Riders from the 90’s era…. this is a fun figure, you are lucky to have it… maybe if you dont want it anymore, you can send it to me then LOL LOL LOL…

    • Most figure released from this Shodo series is from Showa era 70s-80s, ahaha 😀

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