SO-DO Kamen Rider Ex-Aid STAGE 02&03 : Kamen Rider GENM

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SO-DO Kamen Rider GENM.

GENM from STAGE 2 while the Sports Gamer from STAGE 3

装動 仮面ライダーエグゼイド STAGE2

装動 仮面ライダーエグゼイド STAGE3

So Here Sacho Kuroto Dan in his Rider Form in the early episodes

The armor and body, Kinda sucks they split the Figure into 2 in these Candy Toy of Ex-Aid series, even the armor only boxes, only contain armor for single Form

The armors and display stand.

also contain head joints for the mask and stickers for LV1 body(Rider Gauge and eyes)

So here GENM LV1 using lazer’s body and Rider Gauge sticker

so here the body and armor parts

GENM Action Gamer Level 2

Back of GENM.

Gashacon Bugvisor

Mighty Critical Strike

Here Comparison of SO-DO GENM with Shodo KR Black and LVUR GENM

Riding Lazer

Next Shakariki sport~ Sports Gamer Bicycle. Yep it don’t have Pedals -_-

Bike,Stand, replacement Head and new driver with 2 gashats inserted, The extra sticker for bike is used for it’s the bicycle mode, while the one that I put on(with eyes) is when summoned as Robot?  where it eventually attached to GENM as LV3 Armor.

I have no idea how making pose of him riding a bike without pedals.

Shakariki Critical Strike, GENM riding the bike only shown twice in KR Ghost climax Battle to beat the Gamma and in Ex-Aid episode 4, as mostly appear as Lv3 armor.

Comparison with Lazer

Leveling Up with replacing the head, chest armor and Belt

GENM Sports Action Gamer LV3, Definitely Hard for Toys to be Show accurate because the wheels suddenly shrink in Lv3 LOL

Still I would appreciate the Creativity of making a Sports Bicycle turn into Kamen Rider Armor, but seems in this series nothing beat the creativity of Bike Transform into Samurai XD














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