Full Action Figure SAGA 01

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Full action Figure SAGA  ,  It’s technically Gashapon but they also release them in Box, maybe because it’s a premier release..

The figure itself already teased last year, but just released last March.

Kuuga Mighty Form, Ex-Aid and GENM.

Ex-Aid and GENM require some stickers

That’s pretty much everything in this Line up

The Minus Side of these Figures are, The belt quite loose,Also Lack of Kimewaza Slot horder for Ex-aid and GENM , also despite you seems to able to replace the Hands no spare hands or weapons  Included

Back of The Figure. No holes like in Shodo or So-Do for stand attachment ^^

Really well articulated

It turn out that These Gashapon SAGA Line-Up Have it’s own Premium Bandai Counterparts

http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000110724 (Brave and Snipe)

http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000110725/ (Kuuga(s))

These regular Release Of mine cost @500 yen(I personally got all for around 1800yen), while Those premium Bandai Line up cost, over 5000 yen for 2 or 3 figures…. also not yet including additional Proxy fees since they are P-bandai exclusive.

The brave and snipe Include spare hands and weapon for ex-aid the kuuga Set include Spare hands for Kuuga(Including The Thumb Up one!!!), I am sure with that price they more well painted.

I personally Want the Brave and snipe set But for those price for Gashapon toys …. No Thank You Bandai 😛

Here comparison Of Them with My old Figuarts Kuuga, The SAGA Kuuga have better proportion compared to old Skinny Kuuga figuarts , I would say The SAGA Proportion is close enough to the New Figuarts Kuuga Mighty shinkocchou seihou one

and Here Comparison of Shodo Black, SO-DO GENM, SAGA GENM and LVUR GENM

Try posing them with the SO-DO Bikes, Kuuga Thumb up is Premium bandai 😛

I am sure the next line up will release soon, which include Faiz ,Faiz axel and Kiva

and their Premium Bandai Counterpart of forms and Sidekicks Too ? 😛 … or not XD






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  1. They are small and yet comes with good articulation…. I really love this toy series though not much Riders available for us to choose…. I prefer the Kuuga obviously… would be great if they make OOO Tatoba and Decade Final Form in this form as well…

    • as long this still sell well, bandai will eventually release Tatoba and Decade too,also soon faiz and kiva will be released

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