Gundam Frame Operation 01 : Barbatos

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Gundam Frame Operation Barbatos

機動戦士ガンダム フレームオペレーション01

This Gashapon Gundam Series, released last year and Seems Short Lived, So let’s check out what it got to offer

oh Seems Like a Mini Model kits, there are 4 Kind in the this Line up, Nu,Sazabi, barbatos and Graze

and here the 2nd Line up

which seems also the last as I check Bandai’s catalog Website

Yep a Simple model kit, all parts are plastics not PVC what usually we find in a Gashapon Toy

The plastic Kinda stiff not exactly like usual bandai’s model kit but it’s well pre painted

So the concept is a Frame with armors. seems all have exactly the same basic frame like this, and you can attach armors to make into Mobile Suits or even mixed up the other Mobile Suit armors

As for Barbatos you actually got 2 different set up of armors, this 1st Barbatos form in early episodes

With change the left arm Armor and Both shoulders Armor you can get the 4th form,

Which is The Default Perfect form after repaired

The only Weapon Included The Mace

Comparison with HG 1/144 and Gundam Dash

It’s Less Cute than Dash but more well pre painted.

Personally I don’t like the plastic quality at all, also it’s quite hard to attach the armors and put the mace inside his hand, including the articulation it’s quite hard to move around.




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  1. Between the 2, I prefer this version though I personally dislike those tiny big headed Gundams or Mobile Suits but different people different preference, that’s what they always said….

    • Yeah I quite understand if you dislike the deformed Mecha 😀 giant robot should be bad-ass not cute XD

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