Happy Meal : Despicable Me 3

July 22, 2017 at 7:48 am | Posted in Happy Meal/Kids Meal | 3 Comments
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Despicable Me 3 Happy Meal Toys 😀

Not a complete set ^^ as I wrote this post, I might Update The post when get more of them..

Picture from https://mcdonalds.co.id/

So here My Country line up I heard 2 are exclusives for Indonesia market or so Mcdonald id claim them to be, or maybe in Asia only Indonesia get them ?

not exactly sure about them but definitely not as complete as he North American one, and if you search around different country have different line up of these Toys maybe more maybe less

Groovin’ Minion, Rocket Racer and Playful Minion

Despicable Duo it’s the Drilling car 😀

The canopy can open and shown Gru and Dru yeah it’s sticker

The jail Minions 😀 They called Pumping Iron and Minion Antics

Minion Hydrocycle and Agnes’ Rockin’ Unicorn

Banana Launcher

He shoot that Purple thing

and Here Short Video showing Gimmick of These Toys









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  1. wow, lucky you…. I missed all of them this time…. sigh

    • David John missing Mcdonald’s that something for sure, I thought you eat there often.

      • Try to loose some weight now… so I have to hold my desire and stop myself from going to McD as much as I could….

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