Gashapon Narikiri Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 01

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So  Gashapon of Role play Kamen Rider Ex-aid 01 –

仮面ライダーエグゼイド なりきり仮面ライダーエグゼイド01

5 types In this 01 Line up

The Gamer Drive, Kimewaza Slot holder and Gashacon Breaker

Their Gimmick

2 Types of the Rider Gashats one pair in their activate mode(light up)

Comparison with the DX

Comparison with LVUR

Ex-aid Ver, , you can rotate the switch

GENM ver.

Unfortunately the Gashacon weapon don’t have slot for the Rider Gashat

Rider Gashat , Gamer Driver

Gashacon Breaker

Dai Henshin





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  1. So those Gashats are more 1/4 scale or around 1/8 ?

    • Basically they are off scale but since my doll can hold them quite nicely while still looks small, they are most likely between 1/3 or 1/4

  2. Ahh with few more days to Ex Aid ending, i wondering what would happen to Genm as i remember he had 3 life when he fought Build.

    That Gashat look huge in Genm hands, which I mean I can see Shin Kuroto or however he want to call his name make, since he’s pretty much the God of the series being able to create anything.

    The Gashapon toys really looks detail with the sticker which I mean is a given and is a good mini replica.

    • In premise, The True ending movie set one year after the series, so he will survive thought the trailer shown he only have 1 left XD
      as You can see Mostly I collect GENM merchandise XD
      It always nice when they show the inventor of kamen rider System in the series something they always mention and keep since Kamen Rider W, and Kuroto got a lot of spotlight I guess comparable with Dr Maki from OOO 😀
      There is much better mini replica but I am not fond of the size ^^

      • Hmm I forgot about that, which is something I look forward to as I personally like those type of Rider movie that is solely base on the alternate ending.

        But yea I think the most recent series that show an inventor was Gaim with the Lemon rider which he did play a role but I think Gemn overall is the one that messes around the most as compared to other series.
        That replica can even the famous candy from candy toy.

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