Yu-Gi Oh! Starter Deck : Link Strike

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So here the Latest Yu-Gi Oh! Starter deck in the New Link/vrain Era,and with It They officially  revamp the rules

so an updated playmat, so the pendulum zone are merged with spell and trap zone now, and you get extra monster zone

The foils, 2 Ultra rare and 3 Super Rare

Seeing the new rules, I believe link monsters is used for limit the LOOOONG LOOP in yugioh Advanced play

but of course the loop will eventually find it’s way when more and more link monsters released 😛 But I guess no Syncron or D/D/D loop for a while …



of course the main reason buying this starter is for the Link monsters

still bother me link monsters are racist card :P, Hey I mean it’s a starter deck -_-

Decode talker require effect monsters, spider can be summoned only with normal monster and honeybot require cyberse monsters .. and basically only 4(main deck) + 3(link)  monsters in this deck are cyberse

Main Deck Monsters

so now normal monster will get “Normal” on text XD

Main Deck Monsters 2

Many good reprints and some of them are for ease special summon for link materials


Spell and traps

so 11 spells and 9 traps all are pretty good re prints a nice staple for most decks

personally I rate these spells and traps higher than the re-prints monsters




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  1. I remember this set had a lot of staple reprint which is great and when this set was release link spider was the most wanted due to the fact it’s the more splashable out of the 3.

    I kinda like the link concept as it was quite interesting but it forced the player whose playing in the normal format to change their deck if their deck spam synchro and exceed which rip my lightlord deck and it does not help the fact the only link monster i have oddly enough is proxy dragon lol. But this is the first time I saw a series new theme slap the previous series aka Link made pendulum almost unplayable.

    So far Vrain anime is quite good but I mean arc-v did for me too not that I hate arc-v, it kinda take the story driven approach where it’s still 2 episode but the first episode can have no duel at all and mainly to set up the story.

    • The spam ahaha the reason I never play competitive deck is the Long spam LOOP of chain summon but in the end they just change the syncro loop into XYZ loop and now a LINK LOOP 😛 zoodiac and kaiju still annoys me -_-
      Proxy dragon from jump magazine ? unless yesterday you getting the latest TCG tins XD yeah a very good card since it’s not racist ‘2 monsters’ that’s it, if only it point to bottom instead to right and left XD I also ordering a Tin Kaiba so I will get a proxy dragon.
      Honestly i haven’t watch a single episode of vrain so I can’t say anything i just heard the protagonist always intentionally made himself in pinch first to get new card before make a comeback and win the duel -_- there is rarely such thing in real life DUEL. I quite like arc-v although,I never really watch the entire series only occasionally yeah quite disappointing in story especially the final arc and ending at least sometimes they shown the spam loop of yugioh in real life XD and how all those card available from fusion into pendulum

      • Yea, it was quite obvious that this was a problem to the extend the Worlds ban zoodiac totally, but does not change the fact it’s only made up of 2 decks. But at least during XYZ era you still can use synchro to a certain extend or even pendulum as it sort of help XYZ and Synchro.

        Yea I got it’s from the magazine, but it’s like the most useless link to have if you only have that 1 link monster.

        You should give Vrain at try, it sort of give a 5D’s feel if you like that series. Arc-V build up a lot of hype to me as season 2 for once the female character like Serena was doing something and I was wondering how the other 2 will play out, but if you saw the ending yea…. it amount to nothing and Yuri was one of the better antagonist with him rekting with his Venom dragon until the last few episode where he suddenly became the good guy with Yuya for no reason.

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