Spiderman Super Jumper

September 2, 2017 at 7:24 am | Posted in LEGO | 4 Comments
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Super Jumper Spiderman polybag set, it based on Ultimate Spiderman Animation

The parts and instruction

Instruction page 2

Complete set, and extra parts

I believe the drones is Spider Slayer ?

The Drone Comparisson with the Spidey Minifigure

Back printing of spiderman and the drone side view

You also got that clear plastic for Spiderman to JUMP, It’s clear plastic do they not worries if It break easily ?

The drones equipped with the usual flick missiles



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  1. With the Super Jumper, it’s not the clear piece you need to worry about. There’s been several accounts of minifigures’ legs getting damaged from using the Super Jumper. Apparently the force of the Super Jumper puts too much stress on the part of the legs where there’s not much plastic which causes it to crack. Avoid using the Super Jumper is recommended.

    • I only tried it once, out of curiosity of course 😀 yeah I can understand if it’s will damage the figure either that or the figure fly and got scratch upon impact XD

  2. The spider Lego in this poly pack is good design!

    • and I have no idea why they make the eyes smaller for the civil war and homecoming version

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