Mobile Suite Ensemble 02 : Rx-0 Gundam Unicorn 02 Banshee

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Gundam Ensemble #02 RX-0 Gundam Unicorn 02 Banshee

this the box version which sold in retail, I am not sure if vol 00 and 01 have retail box version

there are 5 in the 02 line up, I bought entire box(10 inside) and split most of them ^^ only keeping Banshee, parts and GM

if you buy entire box you got 2 for everything so a nice ratio 😀

so first the Banshee

Instructions …. all box gave you this even it’s weapon pack or  0 raiser @_@, I guess you need to check gashapon blog regulary for “real” instruction and teaser, of how attaching the parts  especially weapons

So Banshee, got stand too 😀

with Armed Armor VN and BS

Comparison with HG, Gundam frame operation, and Gundam Dash

The weapon pack

Norn parts, Some joints parts, also some additional hands for posing

*missile pods and GN sword III gone to the one buy 00 raiser

Norn parts

Banshee Norn

Much better with shield on the back

so here Joints for “creativity” mix and match or whatever you want to do with your Unit 😀

And Seems Dengeki did contest for these Gashapon line  here where you can check the entries and I guess main feature for the winners

I am not exactly sure but yeah that all I can find, many impressive custom of course 😀

If I got another Shield, I can make them into wings like PHENEX unit

Hello GM sorry didn’t make a review for you, but I will make sure you featured in upcoming Ensemble review 😀

My Banshee armies

Dash, Ensemble and Forte













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  1. Hi.
    Do you have more photos about that Gashapon machine in the background?
    I found few “miniature gashapon machines” at and I am not sure if those have working parts inside like “real” big gashapon machine.
    Could you do a review of it next time?

    Thank you

  2. I don’t often like those short version of Gundam figure but this Banshee seems to look quite decent and I can like this one easily, probably the dark color scheme goes very well to hide the imperfection…

    • I also just saw recently they making volume 2.5 which gave you trans am 00 raiser and banshee with it’s green psyco frame.
      Due to the popularity of gundam converge I think bandai try making it’s more poseable counterpart in these ensemble series. Well some candy toy gundam toys like assault kingdom or universal unit are small and have real proportion thought.

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