Mobile Suit Ensemble 03 : Gundam TR-1 HAZEL Custom

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Mobile Suit Ensemble 03 : RX-121 Gundam TR-1 [HAZEL CUSTOM]

a Gundam from Side Story : Advance of Zeta

03 Line Up 🙂 of Course I purchase entire box which gave me 2 Complete sets and split them

Hazel Custom

The Gun Clips on side skirt fell apart easily…

somehow Hazel have smaller proportion

FF-X29A G-Parts [Hrududu] a support part for Hazel


and The weapon packs.

If old gunpla gave you white stick as beam saber this gashapon give you a clear stick 😛

There is no instruction included of how to configure it’s weapons, howevert bandai share this instruction on it’s Gashapon Blog a while ago.

It’s seems to be instruction of Premium Bandai MS Ensemble EX03 the Hazel in it’s Titan color

There is also super cool MS Ensemble EX04 TR-6 Woundwort Dandelion II 😀 but being Exclusive it’s very expensive for a Gashapon grade toy 😦 ,  I  can only console myself get the Woundwort only, from upcoming MS ENSEMBLE 04

All parts, too bad only one black shield included

Adavanced Hazel

The skirt have nice manipulator XD

Now Hazel + Hrududu


Posing the rifle is quite troublesome 😦

what so fucked up is, I just realized to make Hazel Rah 2nd form(the like in the picture of the box or Gashapon poster) you need 2 Hrududu, so I got to purchase another set and split them, and this time the capsule version

the 2nd Hrududu, capsule version also no instruction LOL

The assembling

Yeah Great  😀 this exact form that I care XD

Don’t looks awesome sideways thought.

Well another black shield would be more appropriate, since this white shield only used in advanced hazel

But Nope I don’t want another set of weapons just for a single Shield, anyway The Premium bandai Titans color hazel I mention above, will gave you 3 black shield and 1 white also 2 Hrududu and the Big boosters in 2 colors XD…

Now he Looks Big













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  1. i don’t like the short gundam but this Hazel looks very pretty – I want!!! You have 3 there? Give 1 to me please!!! please!!! (eye blinking)…..

    • As today this the cheapest way to get well equipped gundam hazel, The HG and master grade don’t have the full armory, the old FG from dengeki magazine also quite rare.
      lol, I don’t have 3 XD they put the weapons separately that’s why many boxes and capsules

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