Yu-Gi Oh! Mega Tins 2017 : Seto Kaiba Mega Tin

October 28, 2017 at 7:53 am | Posted in Trading Cards | 2 Comments
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So here 2017 Mega tins, Personally I get the one without tin XD

I guess to save shipping some get and sell these without the tins so easier and much cheaper to import these from overseas

The Promo cards

Nice 😀 Proxy Dragon, Not fan of pot desires I sold this to fund my other deck

First pack Awesome dimension barrier

so you get every rarity one each and commons for the rest

Nice true king but it banned few weeks after I get him lol, but maybe someday unbanned and i have earth deck.

Dimensional barrier is cool but I also sold it alongside desires to fund the purchase of blue eyes support cards, as matter of fact it will have common reprint soon i believe, I like cool monster cards even if expensive, but i don’t exactly fond of expensive spell or traps

2nd pack, starving venom

3rd pack, drowning mirror force

I will keep this one 😀

all the foils

Now, I have all 4 dimensions dragons

what bother me is, I don’t get any blue eyes support cards 😦 other than the blue-eyes promo

In the end I need to Purchase some blue eyes cards most notably the one which you can probably get from this mega tin pack, white stone of ancients, Blue-eyes twin burst and Dragon spirit of white

My Blue-eyes deck itself not great enough, but I feel it’s already decent for casual play, I don’t want it to be overpowered..

talking about dragon … Legendary Dragon Decks next ?





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  1. Somehow the english print of Blue eyes is always all the artwork but the original, even thought this would had been a good time to print the blue eyes artwork with Kaiba in it, if i am not wrong was printed in some dvd about the artwork as a promo.

    The promo are really generous, at the time Proxy was announced I thought yusaku would used it, but i guess after so long it won’t appear anymore.

    Nice pull sadly dimension barrier got shafted to the side with Links, but at least you got Starving, now you can complete it with the alternate art from Legendary Dragon Decks, as much as I want to get it, the price is inflated over here in my country because not many shops gets it.

    The blue eyes collection is real :P, even alternative is present, you must really like blue eyes deck XD

    Hmm your Gemn army is increasing, I guess they will release one more after the Gemn exclusive movie next year.

    • I don’t know much about the OCG but I believe, the blue eyes with kaiba is released alongside a jump magazine http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Jump_Ry%C5%AB_Vol.08_promotional_card well simply too many art for blue-eyes … ahahaha http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Card_Gallery:Blue-Eyes_White_Dragon i like how the release the classic blue-eyes in last year and this year mega tin set.

      I always prefer and love Red-eyes much more but now is the best chance to get blue eyes support for much cheaper price XD I guess, I will get some more support for dark magician while waiting for the new red eyes support get cheaper… or i just buy the slash dragon one since it’s the cheapest lol

      Well for the Legendary Dragon mostly people hyped about the Dark magician part I believe ^^ (especially for apprentice illusion magician that once cost $90+ each)

      GENM Collection

      All my GENM collection .. in few weeks the converge should be arrived, silly fact is all the money spend for these GENMs somehow still cheaper than the GENM exclusive Figuarts(at current hyped price).

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