Mobile Suit Gundam – Gashapon Senshi Forte 04

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機動戦士ガンダム ガシャポン戦士フォルテ04

Gundam Dash don’t last long Like NEXT and now they making Forte for the new generation of the mini gundam gashapon line up

So here all the Mobile suit from Gundam Blue destiny Series and Pale Rider

let’s start with Blue Destiny Unit 01 and Efreet Custom

Blue Destiny unit 01 got spare visor red is represent when the EXAM sytem activated

Gundam forte quality sucks … it harder to assemble, they lower the ‘rubber’ quality compared to NEXT and DASH , into a much harder one so the best way to assemble them is hair dryer for few seconds for each hole before insert the plastic Joint……. make it easier and much ‘less’ hurt for your fingers …. or so.. I would say  -_- I dare to say inserting the joint is as hard as assembling those bootlegs gunpla….

I buying knowing that of course and just because these line up have one of my favorite Units from Gundam Side Story ahahaha

RX-79 BD-1 and MS-08TX [EXAM] Efreet Custom

Short story about these side story, if you don’t know about them ..

While most Gundam series in Universal century main series shown Newtypes pilot .. or it’s artificially created cyber newtypes and of course Mobile suit and Gundams which will make them able to maximize their power…

Blue Destiny Series represent technology to Counter Newtypes, which is a system called EXAM to make the suit and it’s pilot able to match newtypes. which ironically the system hold soul of newtype …

kinda de javu with Evangelion a human soul in a machine LOL

RX-78BD-03 and RX-78BD-02

after Unit 1 and Efreet destroyed the unit 01 pilot unit 03 and efreet pilot steal the unit 02 and repaint it so you can see why unit 02 paint job kinda looks like Efreet.

unit 2 and 3 don’t have spare visor but you can exchange them with each other

they are identical suit after all just different color …

EXAM suits

RX-80PR (Pale Rider)

fold able cannon

The cannon

Pale rider also have extra visor..  similar with EXAM pale rider have HADES system with similar power, and the visor change it’s color when activated








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  1. They sold in sets or each box have a randomized figure inside?

    • Each mini box have randomized figure inside, I bought entire box from amiami which contain 12 of these mini boxes and it gave you figures at certain ration…. you got 2 for everything except Blue destiny 2 and 3 only one each for them 😀 of course I skip reviewing the other two(Knight and Pheonix zero) ^^
      I already sold the extras

  2. It’s a bit hard for me to give much comment as I am not too familiar with those gundam from their respective series, but the details on it is actually quite remarkable for it’s size and I realise this line of figure tends to put 1/2 gundam that has interesting design, that was never made a model.
    It’s nice to see that they have alternate options too like the visor, which actually changes the appearance by a bit especially with their current head proportion.

    • That’s fine XD won;t expect people know side stories or even this tiny gundam gashapon.
      well all of them get a plastic model by now even a p-bandai for pale rider, also blue destony is rebooted into a Brand new manga series 😀 and they start renewing the HG

      • 😛 I realise series that’s quite dated was not for me after i watched the original series, that why the oldest series i watched was G gundam beside the original.
        Yea recently they release the RE1/100 for those popular old kits that was never really made.
        But p-bandai…. i swear, I understand it from a business stand point but it’s still troublesome for those who want that particular model.
        I realise they are giving some manga/UC fans the love, like the thunderbolts series even thought I am not really a fan of UC series, but good for those who are.

        • well I am also not crazy about those classic anime, Most P-banai are re-paint event if it’s brand new they somehow half assed lol. Thunderbolt is new they just put them in UC timelines

  3. As you know, I don’t like midget Gundams or anything alike, coz they are midget or dwarf… then again that Gundam Fix Figuration of Blue Destiny is kind of interesting….

    • I should open it soon or later i guess, what make me hold back is those old gff with the falling apart armor

      • Yeah, the curse of GFF with falling armor and weak joints and bla bla bla… I wasted money bought a few in the past…sigh…. only the GFFN Aile Strike is the best and the most perfect of them all, no falling armors or parts and the joint is strong….

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