B-Daman DX Break Bomber 7

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DX Break Bomber 7

well maybe some who understand will see this silly since they translate the text on box now ^^

This and Update for the break bomber series for the season 2, where now instead of 5 we got 7 bombs and it’s move

The parts

You got a Basic B-daman WBMA proto-1, nothing special but the only way get this Small B-daman is from these kind of battle arena


With stickers Despite don’t have core system it’s body manage to use the Tune Up gears like the magazine or barrel

The main parts, the field basically cardboard nothing special.

this what make it great 😀


Full View

The rules is simple both players shooting the block until the green one come out to their oppenent’s arena

the player who got more green blocks fall to their field lost the game

Comparison of the WBMA proto 1





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  1. Yes! At least new B-daman review!

    • Being in waiting list to be posted for almost a year ^^

  2. Wow, it moves horizontally 😀 looks like a nice target game.
    Arya seems quite busy with reloading the marbles

    • without the add on the magazine to carry the marbles you will be busy reloading all the time XD

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