Mobile Suit Ensemble 04 : Gundam TR-6 Woundwort

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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

MS Ensemble 04 : RX-124 Gundam TR-6 (Woundwort)

So another Gundam suit from advanced of Zeta series


what make this suit unique is it got no feet LOL

*beam saber not included

The beam riffle

The gun seems to be combined with shield 😀

Woundwort and Hazel.

Like Hazel Woundwort supposedly got lots of equipment, unfortunately This Woundwort figure don’t get many equipment in the Gashapon release , and instead Nu Gundam got the HWS armor.

Bandai will release woundwort dandelion II as Premium Bandai, it’s so popular that even the split batches for it, but   I am not willing pay a lot for Gashapon quality toy.







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  1. This Woundwort… I think the head is not pretty….. I wouldn’t like this even if it’s at the usual 1/144 scale

    • I can’t be that disappointed because back then you need to buy super expensive resin kit to get a simple woundwot ahahaha, also my fault not taking picture of the head with lower angle to show the eyes ^^
      about the 1/44 well just recently they announce one

      • OK, I’ve seen the photo from your link, thanks…. but I still don’t like it, the head looks as if he is a nurse and most of all his leg/foot – he don’t have proper shoes like the usual Gundams…

  2. I am more impressed by the 1/2 Gahshapon Machine that is at the background tho. Nice!

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