Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : Cyberse Link

January 6, 2018 at 7:36 am | Posted in Trading Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 2 Comments
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So the first Link era structure

the first Link starter Deck quite disappointing some good reprint but other than decode talker, I can’t say something special

as like newer structure playmat doubled as strategy booklet

Playmat view

hmm got a promotion of duel links

tried the game for nostalgic purpose, quite good not as great as i expect but, I guess if it’s inviting new players that’s great thing 😀

since based on my experience in the past official Yugioh card game never last too long …

The foils

Tri-Gate is sweet but it need to be co-linked so unless the deck is really focus on link summoned it’s not usefull

other foils


mostly cyberse so I rate this good 😀

many nice reprint 😀

spell and trap, cosmic cyclone,soul charge great and recorded alive trao is seems good so even in non cyberse deck you can use decode to summon encode with it

dimensional barrier 😀 I sold my secret rare so nice to have new one, even in common









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  1. Late Happy New Year 😀

    I like the idea of the playmat doubling as a player guide, since I always feel the back of the playmat is plain :P, but yea it’s the back after all.

    I remember trying out duel links, but stopped after like 1 or 2 hour, I guess because the cards in the game is too basic, but it’s kinda expected since they didn’t want to over complicated the mobile game.

    Tri-gate wizard lol, with all the links combo I saw online, I agree with other’s comment that links made the game more broken with the potential of having 13 cards on your field with all the link spam, at least the OCG limit firewall so that those combo don’t be that insane(what am I saying its still is), but at the same time links open up different deck with cards like Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights.

    On announcement of the artwork of Dual Assembwurm I was like it’s gonna be an awesome effect, but when the effect are out, I mean it’s kinda okay, but not really that note worthy.

    It’s nice that Konami is making good reprints in decks especially since the start of Vrains starter deck.

    • Happy New year 😀
      Personally The way I looks to these playmat from structure deck is like a poster since Rubber playmat still more commonly use for actual duel and of course last longer.
      Yeah not many deck well suited for Tri-gate wizard it’s need co-linked for all eff to works.
      I think they way they played right now is break the purpose of Link monsters in the first place (to limit the extra deck monsters summoning ? including pendulum summon from extra deck) now they make the summoning in Meta decks more complicated with extended loop for summon the link monsters repeatedly and eventually the other ace monsters from extra deck, limit the firewall so the grinder golem become less powerfull 😛 it really take a while for a turn to end now, all you can do is wait or play the pricey handtraps lol…
      not awesome but it’s still the strongest cyberse archtype for non link monster

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