Gundam DASH #08

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Gundam Dash #08 which is the last batch of Dash ^^

after this one they discontinue Dash and start over with Forte, which I consider have cheaper quality 😦

let’s start with Unicorn #2 Banshee in it’s unicorn mode

bendy horn 😛 a hair dryer will fix it of course, but as usual I prefer to show what I got straight out of the capsule for the first picture.

The armed armor VN can open up

the second capsule : Geara zulu 😀

as always I like grunts so it don’t exactly matter for me not getting unicorn or sinanju

Like previous mono eyed zeon’s suit the eye can move right or left

The only weapon he got the pink axe

back view

All Gundam DASH, I have, 4 grunts and 3 gundams 😀







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  1. You really like this tiny candy toys Gundams… nothing wrong about it, it’s a matter of personal preference anyway. I noticed that from the 3rd picture, the horn of that Banshee is not straight which is normal for this rubber like plastic candy toys. They are cheap anyway but you win some and you lose some.

    • what to expect when the big part put inside the tiny capsule, bendy rubber easy to fix with hair dryer ahahaha

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