Desktop Army Gourai : Type-01

April 14, 2018 at 8:04 am | Posted in Desktop Army | 2 Comments
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Quite interesting that this Gourai basically a collaboration between Kotobukiya and Megahouse which in a way a subsidiary of Bandai, I mean why don’t Megahouse making Desktop Army Ms girls instead 😛

I don’t buy the entire set but after open this, I feel like want more 😀

not just the armament and different extra face plate the other gourais also have different hair and underwear LOL

Type 1 is the most authentic Gourai, she got short hair and stripped underwear, just like the model kit and in anime, (type 2 and 3 got ponytails and plain white underwear) I also like they type 3 the long hair and the killing Doll looks on the extra face plate

the armor and the weapons are all plastic model kit


Gourai with it’s usual stunned expression

some armors and the caterpillar tracks can combine into a small Tank

Stickers, some extras, spare joints and bonus parts (if you collect all 3 you can combine the bonus parts into gattling gun)

FAG Session Go!

no proper instruction of how to put the little turret so I just try figure it out myself.

and the weapons to make her looks like Metal Gear REX

Size comparison with MS ensemble Zeta, Konami MMS sky girls otoha,and So Do Blood Stalk

maybe just mine but I feel the waist Joint quite loose







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  1. Kind of exciting figure but the head is a little to big for the body size though obviously this is intentional….

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