Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Duelist

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Legendary duelist Booster Box.

Maybe not a set for meta players, but I really want the red-eyes card and as the singles still pricey so yeah I rather bet on this Box ^^.

7 super and 5 Ultras

2 red-eyes ultra 😀

The new cyberdark also cool 😀

the rest, well not bad but not great either ^^ since i got 2 red-eyes cards which the most wanted, already I am fine with it

Other than the Ultra, only the common Red-Eyes black dragon is interesting since it got classic image of it, I believe the foil of old red-eyes so expensive

Not really a great amazoness core deck

Roids , time to check my old collection, I have some Roid cards

Bonding water Dragon

Cyberdark 😀 cool cards the Cyberdark Dragon support, field and Fusion also great

Legendary Fisherman and the rest

of course i still got more doubles ^^ but i only shown playset cards for these

slight uprade XD




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