So-Do Kamen Rider Genm God Maximum Gamer and Lazer Level X

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So-Do kamen Rider Build 8 Feat Ex-aid

Kamen Rider Genm God maximum Gamer and Kamen Rider Lazer Level X

Repainted form that appear in ex-aid Another ending

start with Genm Grade billion

I don’t have Ex-aid Maximum mighty but this just recolor of that one

with Gashacon Key slasher, in the Another ending it have same color with ex-aid’s but they seems want to give this figure  different color for the weapon


it’s basically just recolor of the main body of lazer lv 2

stand and face plate make up for the bike parts ?

the limbs also repaint of the lv 3 parts

bike mode with the lv2 parts

Lazer Giri Giri chanbara Lv X

Comparison with Giri Giri Chanbara Lv3

Genm and Lazer

With Genm Lv 0

So-Do lazer(s)

So-Do Genm(s) I still missing the level X and Legend Wizard





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