Vee’s new Looks

July 7, 2018 at 7:06 am | Posted in Doll Clothes and Accessories, DollfieDream | 4 Comments
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Last Year I bought this set and a Hime cut silver wig.

it’s Default maid outfit from DD Sakuya Izayoi. 

I Never intent to cosplay her as Sakuya, but this my own vision of a maid doll XD

I guess my saber doll start yellowing ^^ which common for white skinned doll

She also got new frame that I damaged years ago XD



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  1. Great Sakuya-san cosplay

    • Thank You, Still looks around for the wig, but mostly sell the head for some reason.

  2. Vee joins Band Maid? XD She looks quite nice in the outfit.
    A maid needs thigh highs or pantyhose though (f-san) fetish.

    The yellowing looks still ok from here.

    “She also got new frame that I damaged years ago XD”
    Is her frame still broken?

    • Thanks, I am thinking have sexier version Maid outfit too ^^
      Yeah the yellowing still looks fine let’s see in next 5 years XD
      The frame already replaced ahaha 🙂 and the old one can be use as spare if i ever break a neck DX or the other shoulder

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