So-Do Kamen Rider Build 10 : Kamen Rider Evol

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So-Do Kamen Rider Build 10

Kamen Rider Evol

The villain always cool 😀

as usual Box 1 contains stand and Armors Box 2 contain body

Evol Phase 1 Cobra Form

Comparison With Blood Stalk

Using the alternate Head and shoulder you can make Evol Phase 3 Rabbit Form

Comparison with Kamen Rider Build Rabbit Tank Form

and here with Cross-Z for Phase 2 Evol will take Dragon form and required head ans shoulder part from Kirin Cyclone

but this time I will use part from original Cross-Z

The exactly the same mold just shoulder strip replaced with Gold and The gold part in head replaced with Blue color

the stand is slightly different than usual, because now you can store 2 pair of shoulders, a mask and head on the back, nice touch but the mask Block the Figure when standing on it, still a great addition to store the shoulder and head part 🙂

Nanba Heavy industries Final team DX







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  1. I am quite surprised in the amount of colour application that was in this figure, at least I thought the cobra head was a faceplate that you attached to rabbit face, but after awhile realise it’s a swappable head.

    It’s nice you can recreate other phrase form without needing to buy a totally new figure, but I guess White evo form would be premium or something like that.

    • well these dragon and rabbit form is not exactly perfect yet since the proper chest plate is premium lol it got no pointy horn thing on left side like in evol cobra….
      No the Blackhole, genius and Mad Rogue aren’t premium I hope they arrive soon 🙂 and later this month Build 12 will be released, mostly contains stuff from movie (movie form, movie rider,Great cross-Z and the Blizzard Grease).
      Instead they decide to make a newer version of rogue and Grease as premium (better detail and swap able hands) and shitloads of parts for detail.

      • XD those small details can be overlook with the price tag it carry.

        The movie rider design seems cool and hopefully it ends off the series, unlike Ex-aid with a to be continue after Gemn ending even though I liked the series.

        This time I guess premium bandai is more forgiving with the selection of p-bandai product limiting to those few figure.

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