Super B-Daman Gunma Special

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Black B-Daman, Gunma Special from Super B-Daman series.

this B-Daman is used by Gunma in anime adaptation.


this thing must be around 19 years old by now

This just default Over Shell (OS System) B-daman

To make it much better you need OS gear and parts

with the little magazine, the top can open and closed if it’s open it turn into a sight

I tried put stickers and realized they no longer stick quite well so .. best choice is to glue them or scan the stickers sheet and print a brand new one…

Comparison with Dracayan and Wild Wyvern(red burning arrow variation)

I tried to attach this to wyvern and seems not really fit in but still can be used .. the b-dama (marbles) not slide down perfectly thought… because seems the wyvern head shape disturb the angle.

and this magazine can not be attached if the B-daman wear OS gear.

They also made the Tamago one (which include power wing) and the JBA mass production(include long barrel) and last picture shown this Gunma special with OS gear and parts





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  1. Those older simpler designs always look good.

    • and they have more custom parts available 8D

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