Hi-Metal R VF-1J Super Valkyrie Milia Custom

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Hi-Metal R VF-1J Super Valkyrie Milia Fallyna Jenius Custom

I always like Classic Macross, Local TV air the anime, when I was kid and my favorite character is Max 🙂

But I decide to buy Milia Unit first, because this was released as premium bandai, and also I actually prefer Max in his older VF-1A unit DX But I believe last time they release that particular Unit is during 1/60 Yamato Era.

for such small robot the Box is large for the parts

and another tray of parts

Battroid mode

Back (I am using the short battroid wings)

Not bad looking 😀

Rewatching the Anime, I guess this where my hentai fantasy come from..

when Milia, A Zentradi Ace pilot beaten by Max in Mecha combat, She micronized herself and  infiltrate Macross too find him and seek revenge for the humiliation, and got beaten again twice first in video game and later knife combat during a Date @_@ She somehow turn submissive got proposed and marry with him LOL The rest would be funny alien-human couple antics and Story of them and their descendant in Later macross Series.

Male character turn the Bad-ass girl submit to him, something you often find it in any doujinshi 😛

and No I don’t give a damn about Hikaru Love triangle 😛 I only care a transformable jet that kick Giant Alien ass XD

FAST PACK the booster quite detailed you can open it up and show the engine

VF-1J With fast pack in battroid mode


VF unit can transform into 3 different Modes, the Fighter Jet, Gerwalk and Battroid

Transformation into Gerwalk

Cockpit details got small milia figure

Fighter mode, and Of course VF-1 design are based on F-14 Tomcat

With Missile Pod

With Fast Pack you can also attach FAST pack in gerwalk mode

need slight transformation for these parts to be attached

Size comparison

last the landing wheels they not integrated so you need to attach them yourself

After transforming these…. I don’t feel like, I want more -.- the brittle feel … and after transformation, I got the whitey stretch mark inside the unit….

It is quite sturdy and Have Decent amount of metal parts in important section … but when metal part and plastic come together, I don’t feel like it, I always feel the plastic section might break …






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  1. Meltrandi are the best thing that the Macross bring to the Humankind

    • ahahaha true well, I do prefer the war crazy meltrandi like in original macross compared to the sequel incarnation thought

  2. For some reason, most if not all Macross related stuff seem to be fairly delicate. I’d like them to put out something that you can really manhandle like the original toy.

    • in term of transforming I rarely see one, even for toys from much newer Macross series. and seems I haven’t see any transformable model kit for the Vf-1 yet

  3. That is a nice looking F-14 mech, haha but you can’t tell what parts are made of metal. The articulation of the model is cool, especially as Battroid. Max x Milia seemed to be quite a highlight of the show, the stuff on youtube is already funny, the fight scenes looked really nice for it’s age.

    • As I can see some of the transformation parts mostly die-cast(the joints) ahahaha …
      those 2 much better in combat than hikaru XP

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