Desktop Army Baselard : Type Ein

November 24, 2018 at 7:44 am | Posted in Desktop Army | 4 Comments
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Baselard Type Ein (barret wall) with Gun rapier


The other version

Baselard Main Body, Unlike Gourai They don’t give you alternate face

Weapon parts they kind off plain compared to the Promotional Pictures

With Armored Legs and Guns

With Gourai

Gun Rapier, this the new Designed weapons for this Desktop Army Baselard

as name suggest, I believe this doubled either as Blade and Laser Gun

With remaining Back parts



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  1. Disappointing that she doesn’t have an alt face since most DTA figures have one.

    • It seems most of the new release and upcoming releases also only got one face plate ^^ even if it’s DTA original character, can’t go wrong if you buy all variants LOL

  2. This figure being small and simple assembly required – quite fun actually but I don’t know much about this series though.

    • Quite fun but still considered too small i guess.
      Anime is aired but mostly it’s based on Model Kit series made by kotobukiya

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