Super B-Daman Striker Gemini

December 8, 2018 at 7:52 am | Posted in B-Daman | 2 Comments
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One of Classic B-daman That i want the most 🙂 finally I got It!

Striker gemini might reminds you with B-daman from Crash Series  but this one is way older than that

Open it up

and Here  you insert the B-dama (marbles)

What make this b-daman unique is this, you can do what like a toy gun gimmick do, to perform power shoot!!

as you can see form the Videos this things is weak … but the power shoot gimmick is great 😀

rubber will increase the power three fold (add more for more power but will slowly damage the body and trigger)

But you can do flying shot with rubbers attached

You can also attach compatible Parts this one is Magazine





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  1. Looks cool, it is always nice to see some older toys. But what with the quality of plastic? Doesn’t it detoriate after it was produced around 20 years ago?

    • Based on my experience on old toys their plastic is fine, only if the plastic is white it’s yellowing faster once come out from box,
      but of course the plastic quality is not as good as newer stuff but not because of aging but rather modern technology improvement.

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