Chodo Ultraman 01 : Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu

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Happy New Year =)


So apparently these Chodo is a Reboot of the Shodo VS Ultraman, it’s still considered a shodo line up Thought, because there is Shodo logo.

and Here Ultraman Rosso and Blue From Ultraman R/B series

The Line up, 6 Types, ultraman X is rarer because from one box (10 packs of these) only 1 ultraman X and 1 of it’s building + X’s Zero parts , while for the rest you got 2 each.

No Kaiju in this line up.

Rosso and Blu

Rosso and Blu major improvement from The Shodo VS line up is they got clear eyes now, instead of painted one.

They got different set of Hands parts (except for fist hands) and it’s compatible each other but can’t do ultraman beam pose together with only a pair of “chop” hand parts

I already promise to sell the Building Sets to a friend and by the time this post is posted it should be already His XD

But the weapon for Rosso and Blue is mine 🙂

Here R/B Slugger Rosso, each piece come from each building set

yes they can Combined into R/B Slugger Blu

Slugger name and shape is references to Ultraseven’s Eye Slugger and some weapons in Ultra Series Using such shape and name.

it’s quite bothersome only got pair of these because in the Series They both have them.

Slugger Blu

Would be nicer if both wield them like in the series

with only one building part, it’s kinda too short

Stack 2 and they are in perfect Size lol

Next Ultraman stuff Would be ‘Ultraman Action Figure’ Ultraman Reube











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  1. I like the Blu, looks different from typical red Ultraman….

    • Well Early Heisei Ultraman is mostly Red Blue combination 😀

      • Hopefully someday we can get a true pink Ultraman, stronger than any other Ultraman ever exist before simply because he wear pink!!! LOL LOL LOL

        • ahahahaha well the pink kamen rider is super strong why not ultraman too 😛
          Well worth a mention in upcoming Ultraman movie, it will feature ‘Ultrawoman Grigio’ ahaha but the color is silver and orange

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