Gashapon Narikiri Kamen rider Zi-O : Rider Gear Collection 01

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The Usual Capsule Role play, I bought For the Dollfies XD

This Time From Kamen Rider Zi-O Series

The Zi-o’s One, Rider watch, Ziku Driver and Zikan girade (sword/gun) with it’s Mini riderwatch

Rider Watch Ex-Aid and Build

The riderwatch, They can spin Like the DX

But what they are for ? lol usually it’s a keychain but this time they don’t have anything else.

and instead They release keychain Line Up with light up function (thought you can’t spin the front part)

and the Most important part The Ziku Driver and Zikan Girade

Zikan girade can transform also the Belt can Spin

The Gashapon Series Have a pretty much good scale with Doll

Weapon always too small thought

Gun Mode

Zi-O first Transformation

Vol 1 Line Up




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