Super Minipla Change Getter Robo vol 2 : Shin Getter Robo

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Shin Getter Robo : Getter -1


Some parts are pre painted

half assembled

Shin Getter Robo

With the Bat looking Getter Wings.

The Scythe

From Premium Bandai Super Minipla Getter Sets Giving Large Tomahawk and larger wings for Shin Getter

Vol 3

Vol 4

Shin Getter size Comparison, Roughly he only 110mm tall






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  1. The Shin Getters are by far my favorite of the Getter Robos. Shin Getter looks nicer than I expected. It’s too bad Bandai made Vol 3 & 4 Premium Bandai exclusive. That makes it tougher & more expensive for us foreigners to get. 😒

    • Yes also considering, currently all Super Minipla Getter are based on it’s OVA getter robo Armageddon incarnation which also what make getter popular worldwide.

  2. woah, I never know of this series before!!do you have any info on the first series?

    • you mean this one 🙂 the fat getter.
      well there are 4 vol in total the last 2 being premium bandai exclusive and all of them based on Getter Robo Armageddon incarnation.
      Next month they will release super minipla votoms vol 1, something I pretty much sure you like more

      • The “fat getter”. 😂
        I actually like the original Getter designs the next after Shin so I’m happy they made the original 3 available as vol 1. Must be the super old school in my hot blood. 😝

        • That’s how he is compared to the original 😀 .. Thought The most iconic one from Armageddon would be the “black fat getter” XP

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