Pokemon Trading Card Game Theme Deck Relentless Flame

May 11, 2019 at 7:56 am | Posted in Trading Card Game | 3 Comments
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Well it’s Charizard XD

If they made New Venusaur Theme Deck I would love to snatch one too

The Playmat as you can see, the other Theme Deck is Blastoise one which kinda unfair if the battled


One Charizard is holo the other isn’t




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  1. Offf Char vs Blast deck will be pretty 1 sided due to how the tcg works, but I guess they are staying true to the original game rather than remakes.

    Plus they will surely sell more Blast and Char theme rather than Venu and Char since everyone will spam Char especially with the Cythnia reprint.

    But because Cythnia reprint and Charizard being Charizard, it’s quite sad to see that pokemon starter deck normally don’t fair well with slightly competitive decks.

    But dam on a last note the playmat artwork look sick XD.

    • Yes too one sided, years back they made theme deck venusaur vs blastoise (during diamond and pearl era), but charizard will always be charizard the most sought after cards in Pokemon Trading card game, and I believe this the very first theme deck featuring charizard inside.(yes,some early theme deck and during leafgreen and firered got chamander and charmeleon but they not giving you any charizard).
      well she also commonly reprinted in the prerelease kit’s evolution pack lately

      • O wait your right, those firered and leafgreen decks only stop at their middle evolution, feels bad ~_~.

        She was in ultra prism prerelease with everyone wanting to get that along wif her own theme deck.
        But yea normally those general staple cards in Pkm TCG are the most expensive one 😛

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