Yu-Gi Oh! Dark Neostorm

June 22, 2019 at 7:06 am | Posted in Trading Cards | 7 Comments
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I rarely buy a booster box maybe just once a year now,

Now a Quick Recap of what i got from this box

keep the best for last so here the super rares and bunch of common and rare cards

I got all Super Quant cards to complete my collection

The infamous cards of this set 🙂

Ultras, nothing really valuable or useful, well seems the only valuable ultra from this set

is the orcust xyz monster

and here the 2 secret I got .. not bad cards but seems, I don’t even break even lol

There are great combos using these with Ib Synchro you can quickly combo into a VFD (True king of all calamities)

while the little dragon, I seen combos of the Guard dragon with him as search extender, it’s also sort of handtraps too


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  1. dang, you pulled the Justiciar and Valkyrie’s Embrace!! I love those two cards from this set!!
    reminded me, it’s been a while since the last time I opened a booster box as well… perhaps I can include them in my future blog posts

    • I didn’t expect you also collect cards 8D

      • like 20% of my collection are trading cards 😀
        but yeah, mostly trading cards and not TCG

  2. Yea, I heard Mystic Mine was weird to deal with in the OCG but not too sure about the TCG, but as annoying as stall deck is at least some decks are viable and not like last year FTK fiesta.

    But ouch your ultra pulls, at least you didn’t get Firewall which despite being that cool looking is not good. At least you got mermail support….. but konami where’s needlefiber XD

    On a random note, rip Sacred Beast deck maybe OCG will print it with Shadoll deck since it close and I wonder if TCG will print them since from time to time they skip out on decks :3

    • well in monetary value yes this box sucks lol XD the only valuable ultra from dark neostorm is Dingirsu there rest worth nothing.. as long nothing happen with the orcust/pk engine, in OCG already banned Knightmare mermaid.
      we shall see about that soon or later right 8D

      • Actually the recent boxes now is hard to break even after the set has settle down for a weeks/months.

        But yea konami is weird sometimes with banlist sometime it does nothing sometime they just straight up aim for top decks (that Firewall and top meta deck banlist)
        With this banlist, I guess they would shake it up a bit since they would want people to support those new arc-type in Chaos Impact and the huge support in gladiator.

        • i would say unless you pull the best card you won’t break even ahaha 🙂 also unlike in OCG price change fast usually reprint won’t take more than a year ahahaha.
          Firewall Dragon break the Format right away, any card that not once per turn is broken XD or have a loophole that can be abused eventually.
          I bet that’s why after that ocg banlist, officially what become Playmaker’s Ace monster is no longer firewall Dragon but Decode Talker 😛

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