Super Minipla Dyna Dragon and Gridman Sigma Part 1

July 13, 2019 at 7:00 am | Posted in Candy Toy/Shokugan, Plastic Model (non Gundam) | 4 Comments
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Part 1 : Gridman Sigma

Gridman Sigma Only appear in Photo Novel Spin off and The short Anime, and as today this Super Minipla seems the only Merchandise of Him Released.

He basically a discarded character for Season 2 of Gridman and if The original Gridman show were Longer, he planned as a rival character that copied Gridman power, and later turn ally, a concept which Later used in SSSS Gridman for Anti/Gridknight.

But back then Tsurubuya seems to rather Rebooting The Ultraman series than continue with Gridman series, So only The Photo Novel from magazine make it through as sequel.


Without stickers

Not much different with Gridman other than color, wing helmet and The acceptor is on Right Hand

with Stickers

He lack of weapon X)

Unfortunately, I missing out the Super Minipla Gridman so can’t make then stand side by side

Size Comparison


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  1. Gridman rival? the kaiju don’t last long enough to be fought by two heroes XD
    This figure consists of surprisingly many parts, but I noticed that the box shows him with additional armor, will you show that in part 2?

    • ahahaha and Yes, Part 2 would be the Dyna Dragon which can transform into armors which as today still not yet assembled XD

  2. mmmm a plamokit, I haven’t touch this thing for years now… this looks pretty decent, again if he comes with Strike Rouge color scheme I will definitely click Like!!!

    • well i also haven’t touch any kit for few years, before start building these minipla early this year.

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