Pokemon TCG Hantaman Pertama/First Impact

September 14, 2019 at 7:38 am | Posted in Pokemon TCG | 2 Comments
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So Pokemon Hyped, lately because it got localization, which the cards are printed in Indonesian language( the cards itself still printed in japan).


Thailand got theirs first (also Printed in Thai Language)but the same set and cardpool, so we can assume our next set will follow Thailand sets

Probably a good move in local trading card community in for gaining future player local languange will lure younger kids to understand an come to play,most likely we can expect more countries to get these localization =)

each box have 20 boosters

each pack contain 6 cards (1 always energy card)

let’s skip all and show just the rare cards this from set A

3 GX cards and one of them is full art

this from box B also 3 GX cards

No tapu lele-GX, but I am quite happy got 2 Eeveelution cards, umbreon and sylveon



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  1. the Indonesian translation still makes me giggle now and then… Hantaman Pertama, Tangisan Tengah Malam, like dudeeee, lolol
    still collecting the Indonesian version tho

    • I already get used to it since takara tomy toys imported toys here are mostly translated nowadays.

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