SO-DO Ride plus 2 : Kamen Rider Diend

October 5, 2019 at 7:28 am | Posted in Candy Toy/Shokugan, Kamen Rider Toys | 2 Comments
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So Do Kamen Rider Diend


with stickers


This pack don’t contain Diend Driver, it’s in the last box which contains parts and accessories which also include 2 version of Diend Driver

since from one box of 10 you got 3 Diends lol we split accordingly and I got the regular Diend Driver



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  1. this guy from the old series… can’t believe I see the toys again in 2019… do you get the pink guy (Decade) also ?

    • yes this let’s say a renewal edition of diend from decade series since he making a cameo in the Zi-O series, unfortunately I missing decade, but probably will get soon

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