Nintendo Game & Watch DONKEY KONG

January 18, 2020 at 7:29 am | Posted in Games | 2 Comments

saw this on sale and affordable because it’s not mint condition , scratched all over the place, the hook also broken

for me all that matter is it still works

Game and watch donkey kong is one of Gunpei Yokoi masterpiece since it’s where the + shaped D-pad (directional pad) introduced in video games, which later used on Famicom/NES controller and become the industry standard, thought due to copyright any other company use their own design not + shaped.

some dead image on upper screen but if you get used to it, it won’t affect the gameplay if our kong disappear mean he’s on the right.

i will try to fix it if possible


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  1. A little busted on the outside, yet I’m surprised it didn’t dissolve already.
    Nevertheless a nice find, it’s interesting how the old design was used for the Nintendo DS, surely works a bit different but it looks very similar.

    • my nephew think it’s a small DS lol

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