Super Minipla Dyna Dragon and Gridman Sigma Part 2

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Part 2 : Dyna Dragon/King Gridman

Almost a year since part 1, but finally decide to build him filling boredom for spending most of the time at home,  I Do hope and pray this pandemic past by as soon as possible.

I Still not buying Super Minipla Gridman/Thunder Gridman and after assembling this, and I don’t feel like to build something similar to this again anytime soon LOL.

so the instructions which split into 3 pages , one for Gridman Sigma, 2nd for Dragon fortress and the 3rd one for the transformation and combination

King jet main part

Shoulders and arms

Legs or Thrusters and the King Gridman helmet

and Here is It KING JET

2nd Build is Dyna Fighter

it’s a small jet also a cannon and the first that appear in the show

Dragonic Cannon

No it’s not laser beam, it’s a flamethrower in the show -.-

Dragon fortress combination is simply a Dyna fighter attached on bottom of King Jet

only the tail is different

and The default appearances of them is the Dyna Dragon

in the tv show mostly it will appear as this dragon mecha straight away the jets only made appearances in their debut

They call it dragon but in the tv show its actually based on a T-Rex fossils

so T-rex is a descendant of a dragon in the show creator logic ? who knows

and last you split them apart

split the Gridman, add leg attachment

and combine all the king jet parts into armor

Dyna Fighter is not used at all into King Gridman

the leftovers worth mentioning


with Dragonic cannon

as expected king gridman not really poseable

assembling them is fine

but the transformation and combination gimmick are not ..

they fell apart easily and require swapping or extension parts like to extend the claw, shoulder extensions for king gridman, and so on…


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  1. Good job on the build! Your feeling definitely enforce the thinking that Minipla, like other plastic models, is best for display than playing around with. 😅

    • Thank you,Play with it and the parts will fell off XD thought Parts swaps is common in super minipla series so it’s expected.
      I should gave credit that Dyna Dragon and Dragon Fortress looks like the Classic DX version which last time sold for 100k

      • That’s a ridiculous price. Maybe if it included the core Gridman figure, it could be justified but the Dyna Dragon by itself definitely isn’t worth it. Someone out there clearly loves to waste their money. 😫

        • it’s like double the price since SSSS gridman aired lol also because it’s the last one released, we can assume it’s the rarest one because they usually produce less merchandise for the last wave of a toyline (it’s a declining market, since usually the show almost finished and popularity start to fade).

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