Evangelion Millennials 2

August 7, 2021 at 7:59 am | Posted in Artbook/doujinshi/Media related, Evangelion | 3 Comments

Quite late getting this but hey this seems looks nice 8D

basically this magazine is add for RADIO EVA

so the thin magazine glued with a box that contain the appendix, a T-shirt and Pouch

This how it looks, I prefer if the box is separate from the magazine, but this one is glued and act as a jacket …

as matter of fact I manage to separate them LOL

here the pouch wit Eva unit 00, 01,and 02 heads printed on it, not bad

the first issue appendix gave you large Tote bag

https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10620857 first issue of evangelion Millennials

and here “The Beast” T-shirt, get this books is the cheapest way getting such t-shirt, the one listed on Radio Eva store cost around 5000 yen each, and parka is 8000 each, Of course without a doubt those will have much better fabric quality.

No size written on the T-shirt lol but it fit me just fine, so I don’t give a damn LOL

I Like this T-shirt a lot it looks like normal T-shirt comparable if you walking with “the beatles” T-shirt around but turn out it’s actually an Eva stuff LOL

As matter of fact I order custom “The Beast” T-shirt for Doll ahaha, not bad right 8P

Let’s check couple pages inside ah this art used as Cover for The first issue

I think the best pictures inside, and of course the clothes they wear also for sale

all of these turned into scaled figures each with 2 color variation (full color or based on this art black/white with some minor color on clothes).

so yeah mini catalogue for the radio eva stuff

and store locations if you plan to visit

if you want to peek the entire book here i made video of this book


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  1. what an awesome review… a great review will make you appreciate more the stuff you already owned, and this review do exactly that to me!! now im browsing my magazine and appreciate the bonus t shirt even more…

    that t shirt looks super cute on your doll btw

    • Glad you excited =) the fact is i expect too much from the magazine ….. never expect it’s so thin ^^

      • indeed, they are just some promotional insert magazine, if we can even considered it as a magazine.. more like, glorified pamphlet, lmao

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