Threezero Robo Dou Eva-01

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Robo Dou Evangelion Unit 01

I want a larger Eva-01 figure, and consider this or the Dynaction which around 40cm, the size quite tempting and price not much different . but i heard this more sturdy with quite a lot metal parts also there are other eva unit available, if I want more of them

Since this my very first figure by Threezero and it’s robo dou line up I am quite excited

The booklet looks detailed

The parts

She is around 25cm

With pellet rifle

Umbilical cord

articulation wise pretty good

I won’t bother do yoga poses but here what the booklet shows also the stand is great it’s umbilical cord attached to a stand so really cool idea

you can also attach the wire..

the only problem with this stand is after you attach it to the figure quite hard to pull it out

knife storage

I know this a iconic scene in the rebuild movie but I am not sure if someone would display this pose

The prog knife so yeah you got two one folded with joint and this one

size comparison

the alternate head

Entry plug two are included shorter one that can be put deep inside and another one is longer to show it come out like this

a hangar and weapon set will be released later this year which gave you hangar the Gatling gun and the spear of Cassius, not sure whether I need that, maybe i should aim to buy the other 2 units


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  1. Oh, that is the one I wanted to buy. it (nice that you wrote she)
    At big size the already odd proportions look even more alien like.
    Anyway, the figure looks nicely made with clean finish, moveability is probably awesome. only the purple appears a little bright, I think.

    • Get the even larger dynaction XD I saw a new version with spear of cassius open for order should be around MDD size right XD
      I believe if someone watch Eva series they will refer unit 01 as female 8D
      Do you prefer the old Proportion(NGE)? , one with wide chest
      I believe there is also con/toy-fair exclusive for this that of course shinny purple

      • Yeah, wide chest is cooler ^^ but EVA is not human anyway lol

        • Eva is Clone of Angel, turned into cyborg so human can control it LOL

  2. That is one bigass 01.

    • Well the RAH is around 5cm taller and Dynaction is 15cm taller, so bigger EVA action figure is available

  3. personally I love how that purple’s staying true to the first rebuild movie…
    btw, just realized you also interested in Threezero?

    • At this point I have no idea which purple is actually accurate lol
      Well this my very first Threezero product ^^ as i mention above I want larger Eva figure so I considering between this or even larger Dynaction.

      • have you considered that Robot Gospel? I have reviewed that one, as big as Medicom’s RAH version

        • I have limit myself to only official merchandise these past years, so never consider that one,the main reason is they usually stop making, after one or two(usually a color variation)and that’s it no more … no MC gospel unit 02,etc.
          I am not kind of ‘collect them all’ but i want option to buy another if possible
          actually one that I consider is the metal “Gundam” Blue destiny XD you have one right.

          • lol!! can totally relate!! shelf space, aaaand obviously fund… better to reserve for something else indeed… also, my reason of getting that Machine Warrior Blue Destiny is just because im such a huge fans of Blue Destiny era, yet Bandai never release anything good from that line.. sigh…

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