Diaclone / Gridman Universe 02: Gridman

October 2, 2021 at 7:55 am | Posted in Gridman | 3 Comments
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Crossover of Diaclone and Gridman, they also release web novel for it’s lore

Battles Gridman looks amazing and really giving essence of Diaclone stuff but it’s pretty expensive, but I do like how Gridman figure looks in this Diaclone release, and quite happy they release a separate “Gridman figure only” release

the stuff inside

you also got diaclone figure and a bike, the figure apparently represent Hikari Kaizaki, she become Gridman Host during The Hyper Agent stay in Diaclone world

I always want Gridman action figure with his SSSS Gridman Anime Looks, So far only This and the GSC’S DX ver represent anime looks. Figma and Actbuilder have the Gridman redesigned.

and the Super minipa also fine But for stand alone figure Their Gridman figures have their thighs Shortened so they looks better combined proportion wise

My very first Diaclone figure pilot .. small but quite articulated here comparison with lego minifigure

and Diaclone’s Gridman comparison with random figures since i don’t have any gridman stuff other than that minipla gridman sigma.. but I have seen some online comparison showing this around the DX Full powered Gridman size uncombined

worth a mention this have different color than the one in battles Gridman, this one painted in silver, while the gridman in battles gridman set is plain grey, I bet to avoid scratch if they are combined

Thunder crash Caliber.

articulation unimpressive especially the shoulder, but at least it can do the box cover pose separating the weapon

Sword and Shield

I personally prefer the combined looks

I think this have great details also best figure so far representing Gridman from SSSS Gridman anime, but for 8000 yen, it’s quite expensive


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  1. daaang, looks so shinny!!

    • when I saw hands on review of the battles Gridman turn out to be plain grey, I really worried, turn out this one is shinny so great 🙂

      • cant argue with that, so bling bling!! love shinny robot toys…

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