Tokyo Marui HG Spring CZ 75 First Model

October 16, 2021 at 7:25 am | Posted in Airsoft | 5 Comments
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Something different for this time we got this Marui’s Spring powered BB pistol.

back in high school, I am into airsoft hobby, so time to reminisce that

Personally this my first ever marui product, not the best brand out there, but even today they are still the industry standard for BB guns

some stuff

Why I get CZ 75 ? instead of action movies classic/modern guns

because I like the old looks, also I would also said CZ 75 variant guns as anime classic gun

First model CZ 75 is rare and become signature weapon of Rally in gunsmith cats, Variants of the gun also used by many anime characters such as Gendo ikari in original NGE, Saito (ghost in the shell’s one eyed sniper), gunslinger girl’s Rico

nice details as expected of licensed replica

let’s peek the inside, well seems only couple of marui’s spring can actually remove the slide this one need to tear it open with screwdiver

I am quite impressed with the build quality and power

and here the video of me trying this model gun

I tried to salvage my old collection but most of them already broken with how rare their parts and they are outdated generation i decide to sell them and surprisingly all of them sold, I believe those model gun expert will be able to fix them or dismantle them as spare parts.

I would say with the new regulation for airsoft gun which make them harder to get and expensive even old broken airsoft fetch a reasonably good price

and I use the money for buying this second hand AEP USP, I gave up taking care of gas powered one,

AEP don’t have those realistic slide blowback feel which make them less popular but hey all i care is whether it shoot


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  1. For a full plastic gun this CZ 75 has an impressive mechanism inside.
    I still think it’s a pity this is no metal housing, but real modern guns also have many plastic parts nowadays . lol I would like to try a gas powered pea shooter.

    • Yeah only the barrel is metal.what great about gas powered is the blowback action

  2. oh??? didnt know you also collect model gun!!

    • Not exactly,But back in high school i play model gun a lot, purchase this to play with

      • oh wow, Im collecting most of the retro/vintage models, so yeah, really love Tokyo Marui spring pistols!! they’re the best! not for playing for me tho, haha

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