EVA-FRAME 02 : EVA Unit 01 Night Color Ver.

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Updated July 2022 : added pictures with spear of Cassius

EVA -01 Night Color Ver.

Parts and of course Gums

Got extra pair of hands instead of weapon

*feet and and head frame is leftover

I personally Like the proportion


What I complain from previous wave is the lack of holding/griping hands, this time you got a pair of spear holding hands,But from this wave only EVA-01 and EVA-13 got such hands and it only means to wield the spear of Cassius or Longinus

Still for wield other weapons but you need to rely on the pegs from default hands

With spear of cassius

With EVA-02


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  1. This doesn’t look too bad, it’s a nice shade of purple and green.
    The head looks small like on those milf figures lol
    no weapons is okay.

    • This Night color is popular many EVA-01 figures have this variations.
      Not that small XD LOL. MILF Figure, small head and sometimes bewbs bigger than head…

  2. woah!! I didnt know they do Night color version on this line!! as always, good thing checking your blog, lmao!! love the darker purple color, but for me personally, would love to see transparent or neon type of green parts

    • Somehow they need an excuse to release another eva-01 in another wave 8D .
      For neon color i Think the Robo Dou Night combat ver. one is amazing

      • hahahahahaw,agreed!! love the RG color also tho!

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