EVA-FRAME 02: EVA Unit 08

May 14, 2022 at 8:09 am | Posted in Candy Toy/Shokugan, Evangelion | 2 Comments
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EVA 08 Evangelion Q specification


More leftover than usual since this eva unit use different shins frame

I will not talk about this again

Pretty sure this gun only used in one scene

pretty much the same with previous eva frames other than the legs

blade from eva 02


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  1. Candy Pink Eva, I think it’s the movie only version. A shame it hadn’t much screentime. Nevertheless I really liked the ending and the movie overall.

    Lol, is it just me or does this mech have nice thighs?

    so left box only has the shins?

    From all the Eva’s Shogōki still looks the best there.

    • well in the end officially this eva have 3 versions lol nah I think it’s have plenty screen time in the last movie.
      one box contain armors(all that colored pinks) another contain the frame (and gun)

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