Mobile Suit Ensemble 19 : Gundam Astray Blue Frame

June 4, 2022 at 7:24 am | Posted in Gashapon/Trading/Kuji, Gundam Series | 2 Comments
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Been a while since my last MS ENSEMBLE

I don’t have the weapon set so don’t expect this will looks like picture printed on box

Parts not much change

Glad they still include clear stand

I don’t have the weapon set yet

Seeing many Blue Frame merchandise include this rocket launcher , they try make this his signature weapon just like red frame and his Katana

I quite like this weapon

Projectile based weapon will conserve seed era MS energy, In most gundam concept beam weapon mostly using the suit internal power supply .


with small Astray blue frame Gashapon I happen to own

Beam saber that i got from early MS Ensemble wave


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  1. I never fancy those dwarf size but actually this series is not so bad becoz they dont really look so retarded like those BB sized gundam and maybe I don’t mind to get this especially if it’s the Strike Gundam version of Kira Yamato – which I think it’s no longer available now?

    • I know what you mean because this have different proportion unlike the classic SD style.
      Strike already released a while ago(i think 3 years ago), it’s maybe harder to get but since last year Bandai start re releasing this ensemble series from vol 1 so at some point we can see it again being released

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