Gundam DASH 05-06 (Graze Space Type and F91)

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Didn’t get anything new lately so time to find stuff from my backlog review folder as a filler post XD

Gundam F91 from Senshi Dash #05 while Space Graze from Senshi DASH #06

Commander type Graze in space color or I think the official name would be Graze Ares color

Yes this the one killed by Barbatos with single shot right out of the shuttle

The back booster and yes the gun bend right out of the capsule, easy fix

the sensor can open up


This Dash era so no replacement hand but i like something different we don’t usually see open hand on these gashapon senshi line up

VSBRs, Gundam F91 signature weapon

VSBR can be deployed in firing position

how it looks sideways

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  1. woah, love the F91, and yes, that open palm seems so useful for posing!!!

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