SO-DO Kamen Rider Geats ID 2 : Tycoon Ninja Form

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Happy New Year

Kamen Rider Tycoon Ninja Form

Tanuki and Ninja combined you got this, it kinda make sense … maybe should be in different color since the last ninja themed kamen rider it’s also green…

Out of the box


Not just Core Id and Head, Every Main Cast in Geats have signature stuff on their body even in their entry forms , like Geats with scarf, tycoon with this green wrap on his right thigh, Buffa with half skirt, and Nago with Her Golden bracelets,cape for Punkjack. So before I attach this green sticker, I will show this year gimmick from SODO Kamen Rider Geats, their eyes and belt not in the correct color or configuration of course.

*the yellow sticker for tycoon eyes are for him in boost form I believe.(if he use Boost armor on his upper body)

Tycoon Magnum Boost and Geats Ninja

Geats Ninja Boost and Tycoon Magnum

and this one definitely appear in the series Geats Magnum and Tycoon Boost Magnum

Tycoon Ninja

Ninja should do Naruto run XD

Usual pose

I actually like this combination

Looks cool kicking


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