Tokyo Marui MP5A5 High Cycle

January 21, 2023 at 7:32 am | Posted in Airsoft | 5 Comments
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H&K MP5, I would say my favorite Gun of all time.

Can’t afford the Marui next generation one (with electric recoil effect) since it’s twice as expensive, but for me as long it’s MP5

I always want Marui’s AEG, it’s limited performance by today’s standard is fine, since i am not using this for Airsoft game

contents , I didn’t expect to buy the High Cycle one since I originally want another MP5 Variants Probably the SD or K but in the end I purchase the vanilla version.

Tokyo Marui High Cycle Custom series have high tuned motor and include high capacity magazine, claimed to fire 25 bbs per seconds even with regular airsoft 8.4V Nimh batteries, but apparently the gears have less teeth and as Japanese brand Airsoft the spring won’t be as hard as today’s standard, (it’s in their regulation of maximum power output).

Simply by seeing the Drum Magazine, I can tell that I won’t like it, so i purchase this short magazine since I think MP5 looks better with it’s short magazine, at least in display

The MP5A5

The Drum Mag, it have nice capacity of around 400 but I never like high capacity magazine the BBs sounds rattling from inside when you move around and how you must roll the spring.

with the short Magazine

Lipo battery is the standard these days and can’t to find regular nimh airsoft battery,so I use the lipo 2s one since i am sure the 3s might break my gears fast, after all this a stock model with no mosfet installed.

With my old MP5 AEG it’s old chinese brand with plastic gearbox I tried refurbish it with cheap battery, but even then it’s over 15 years old and the gearbox already crack here and there not up to playing potential anymore.

Testing time

Another Take



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  1. love that you also collect airsoft man, I also crazy with Tokyo Marui stuff, but mostly handgun and spring or gas

    • Can’t exactly say I collect them, can’t ignore routine maintenance especially the gas one..
      I do own couple to shoot around in the backyard 8D

      • honestly, I dont take a good care of em, but yeee, really enjoy these types of models.. recently, I’ve been collecting foam (dart) slingers more, since they got more and more realistic IMO

        • mainly just keep their seal wet with silicone lube to prevent dry and crack.
          ah yeah I seen many realistic foam dart gun lately, i kinda like the 1887 shotgun lol

          • yeah, lubing should be a routine indeed, but yee, I really should be doing that… woah, 1887 foam dart shotgun sounds awesome indeed!!!

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